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We innovate together

We innovate together

We lift each other up

We lift each other up

We sure know how to start a day

We sure know how to start a day

We believe in the
power of people



We build trust by promoting transparency and honesty – the key values of ConnectPay. You know exactly where your money’s held, the partners we work with, and what we strive for as a team.



You’ll get a team that hears your needs and sprinkles out-of-the-box creativity on them. It’s how we innovate, build new concepts, and make ConnectPay better every day.



There’s beauty in simplicity. We think that genius lies in simply explaining complex concepts – you won’t find technical banking terms or phrases. We’re #easybankers, after all.



Respect, both for oneself and others, is core to ConnectPay. It builds teams that last, inspire each other, and accomplish great things for you.

And we stand on a
firm legal base



Your money’s safe with us – expect bank-level security. It’s laid out according to EU’s regulation, regularly tested, audited and reinforced by our team of rockstar bankers.



Our licensed activities include the issuing of electronic money, the redemption of electronic money, the issuing and /or acquiring of payment instruments, the execution of payment transactions, the provision of payment initiation, account information services and cash deposit and withdrawal services.



We’re licensed by the Central Bank of Lithuania (EU) as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). This means we’re a member of the monetary authority of the Eurozone.

EU and EEA Authorized

EU and EEA Authorized

We’re authorized to carry out activities according to Article 28 of the Directive (EU) 2015/2366, by virtue of Article 3(1) of Directive 2009/110/EC.

ISO Certified

Information security is a top priority at Connectpay. Achievement of ISO/IEC 27001 certification points up to our commitment from a business & security compliance standpoint. Banking services provided via ConnectPay’s digital ecosystem are audited once a year for ISO/IEC 27001 compliance by a third-party accredited certification body, providing independent validation that security controls are in place and operating effectively.

Helping the Environment – our Commitments to the Tech Zero Charter

ConnectPay already operates with a comparatively low environmental footprint. We’re branchless, digital and we don’t work with fossil fuel-based energy companies. However, we still do contribute to global climate change, thus minimizing carbon emissions is among our strategic goals.

How we’re contributing to saving the planet now:

  • Waste management: we recycle at the office. Usage of Plastic bottles is banned.
  • Snack supplies: we no longer order snacks with plastic packaging. Changed to reusable fruit boxes.
  • Paperless approach: we started moving towards a paperless office. Plan to go fully paperless by 2022.
  • Recycable products: our Business card packaging is fully recycable.
  • Growing awareness: we use our owned and paid media to communicate messages on a responsible approach towards climate change.

What we’ll add on top:

  • Set a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target date by 2050 at the latest.
  • Report progress on short and log term targets to our board annually, also sharing related info on our owned media.
Helping the Environment

Who’s behind all this love?

Marius Galdikas

Marius Galdikas


Business and Technology executive with 15+ years of proven track record in developing digital products and accelerating growth in various enterprises. Experienced in the Global Finance industry, Marius is proficient at delivering highly scalable and reliable systems and platforms. Well-versed in organizational development and navigating teams of experts towards common goals.

Agne Selemonaite

Agne Selemonaite

Deputy CEO I Chair of the Board

15+ years of experience in public and private organizations based in the UK, China, and Lithuania. From Economic development, advising the Mayor of Vilnius to managing teams of experts in Invest Lithuania. Agnė focuses on the strategy, growth, governance and getting things done.

Rokas Masiulis

Rokas Masiulis

Independent Board member I Chairman of the Risk committee

20 years of leadership experience stretches from audit and risk management roles at EY, Lithuania’s major public enterprises to former Minister of Energy (2014-2016) as well as of Transport & Communication (2016-2019). Professional strategic leader following a systematic approach to addressing challenges both within the organization and at the state level. Rokas’ role at ConnectPay as Independent Board Member and Chair of the Risk Committee is to oversee AML/CTF Compliance and Risk Management areas.

Nicholas B. Gordon

Nicholas B. Gordon

Independent Board member

Nick has over 20 years of international banking and investment leadership experience developed in world class institutions across the EMEA region. Starting his career in JP Morgan’s London derivatives team, he progressed to the International Petroleum Exchange trading floor and Royal Bank of Scotland’s Investment Bank. Nick was then hired by Barclays Wealth, where he held various leadership roles and advanced to become the executive head of the Division’s Investment & Cash Management distribution teams for the UK, Channel Islands, Europe, the UAE and Africa. He now holds an investment specialist role at Logistable Limited, an investment led multi-family office, where he is a voting member of the company Investment Committee. Nick is a Chartered Wealth Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

Virginija Lesciauskaite

Virginija Lesciauskaite

Chief Financial Officer

An expert in finance with 10+ years of proven track record in the field, including leading finance departments in various organizations such as Finance Hub for Europe at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as well as FinTech companies. Attention to detail and focus on the long-term strategy have been the key to achieving outstanding results.

Thibaud Catry

Thibaud Catry

Chief Compliance Officer

Certified Compliance professional with over 10 years of experience in different compliance-related roles with Fortune 500 companies and Fintech. Comprehensive expertise in Anti Money Laundering, International Sanctions, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance. Passionate about new technologies, creating a smooth and secure customer experience, and implementing a culture of compliance at all levels.

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