New opportunities with ConnectPay’s Open API

Plug your system into ours in no time with APIs that will streamline your
business processes.

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Online Banking API

You don’t have to login to do these if you use our API:

  • receive payment notifications
  • get account statements
  • check payment status
  • view account balances
  • execute payments
Streamline business operations with our API

Merchant API

Plug our Merchant API into your e-shop or other application and we’ll ensure your customers’ payments are collected and accounted for. Use it to:

  • Initiate payment requests
  • Check payment status
  • Get payment details
  • Get a country-level based list of banks / providers
Merchant API

Set up and launch in 3 steps:


Sign up and get access

Sign up for an account, explore our API products, create an app and connect to an API.


Develop and test your application

Use the Sandbox environment to experiment, develop and test your application. Submit API requests and receive realistic responses.


Request approval and go live

Contact us to request production access for your app. After legal checks, approval and onboarding you are ready to go live!

Open Banking (PSD2) API

Open Banking (PSD2) API

Open banking and PSD2 directive has changed the banking sector dramatically. We are happy to be part of this change and help other providers to make the best of it by providing access to our client data to third party application providers (TPP).