Meet Marius – the Man of Technology

“I suppose stubborn would be the right word. I’ve spent a day at Tesla HQ just waiting at the door expecting to be heard, this didn’t happen, oh well, now we are building our own spaceships in a way”, - says Marius Galdikas, the man behind ConnectPays’ technology who claims to be good in typing with his thumbs.

Before owning the entire digital department at ConnectPay – a rapidly growing business-friendly bank – Marius spent five years inventing new ways and pathways at Western Union as director of digital products and technology.

“When I started working at Western Union their WU.COM services were provided in 24 countries, when I left it was almost 80. We had to build a completely new underlying technology and platform to enable the new borderless business model to grow. This allowed rapid expansion and opened completely new business horizons for the company. As we did everything from scratch, we were as innovative as possible, this was one of the first platforms to go live in the Cloud”, – tells Marius.

M.Galdikas has only spent a year at ConnectPay while the company just celebrated 2nd birthday – a complete youngster in the game already counting hundreds of millions in monthly turnover.

“When I agreed to take over the digital vision of this bright and ambitious company I knew that the first steps will be to build the underlying digital foundation through implementing new processes and tech solutions while following best practices and standards of ISO, Owasp, Itil, to put together a team of top talented experts and to enable flexibility, speed and high volumes”.

ConnectPay operates as a true fintech, it manages an in-house IT team, in numbers it’s half of the total headcount, builds its own stack of technology, introduces new products following the market needs, innovates and creates. So what’s in the pipeline now?

„Currently we have been working on the mobile app that will enable our users to easily manage their accounts as well as sign documents.The next big thing is actually a list of things – revamping and extanding digital channels by streamlining user experience of our web aplications, mobile aplications and API capabilities, launching a new payments gateway platform that will allow a variety pay out/pay in options, cover different currencies and jurisdictions. And on top of it -our new product ConnectPay wallet. This one is going to be special!“ – M.Galdikas claims enthusiasticaly.

When asked for recommendation on recent partnerships and valuable integrations Marius mentiones a few he is happy to have integrated at ConnectPay – it‘s ComplyAdvantage and Iovation.

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