Digital Wallet: Terms & Conditions TEST


1. Agreement – means the agreement (including Terms and Conditions) concluded between Wallester and the Cardholders (Client) regarding provision of Expense Account and Cards and related services to the Business Client.

2. Device – the smart device containing the digital version of the Card.

3. Digital Wallet – a service, which is provided by a third party, that allows the Cardholder to enter Card information to the Device, and use it to carry out Operations using the device (create the digital version of the card).

4. Digital Wallet Operations – any Operations in the meaning of the Agreement, that are made through the Digital Wallet service using a card associated to the Digital Wallet service.

General Provisions

1. The Conditions of use of Digital Wallet (hereinafter: Conditions) govern the relations between the Wallester and the Cardholder in using the Digital Wallet services.

2. The Conditions are a part of the Agreement and are applicable for the Card associated with Digital Wallet service.

3. In cases not regulated by current Conditions parties will be guided by Payment Card Terms and Conditions. The Cardholder confirms that he/she has reviewed all of the abovementioned conditions and is aware of right and obligations arising from them.

4. The Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. All disputes arising from these conditions will be finally settled in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Estonia.

Use of the Card in Digital Wallet

1. Only the Cardholder has the right to perform Digital Wallet Operations with the Card.

2. The Cardholder may not pass the Device to any third party.

3. The Cardholder may not use the Card for illegal purposes and in manner, including the purchase of goods and services that are prohibited by applicable law.

4. The Cardholder shall immediately report any errors or disruptions hindering the performance of Operations.

5. All operations carried out using the Digital Wallet will be treated as Operations in the meaning of Agreement and processed according to the rules set out in the Agreement.

6. A Card Transaction will be considered to have been authorized in the meaning of Agreement if the Cardholder has given consent to execute the transaction. The consent is deemed to be given if the Cardholder has made a contactless payment using the Device.

Privacy, Data Protection, Security, Liability

1. The Cardholder shall protect the Card, Card Data and the Device with due care and keep it inaccessible to any third parties.

2. The Cardholder shall protect the Device with a security code or other same level or higher-level security measure.

3. In case of loss or theft of the Card, Card Data, security credentials, or the Device, the Cardholder shall immediately block the Card using Wallester’s channels.

4. In case the Cardholder is passing the device to another person, all Card information and credentials have to be properly removed from the device.

5. Cardholder is solely liable for any damage incurred from not fulfilling obligations set out in clause 4.1-4.4.

Entry Into Force, Amendment and Termination

1. The Cardholder accepts the Conditions by entering the card information in the Digital Wallet. Conditions enter into force immediately.

2. Wallester reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Conditions or terminate the use of Digital Wallet without prior notice.

3. The Cardholder has the right to unilaterally terminate the use of Digital Wallet by removing the Card information form the Digital Wallet.

4. If the Payment Card Agreement between Wallester and Cardholder is terminated, the use of Digital Wallet will be terminated automatically.

5. All valid financial claims that arose prior to termination of the use of the Digital Wallet will be collected from Cardholder’s account.