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Email and we’ll respond ASAP

Call us 24/7 for immediate support

Call us 24/7 for immediate support

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Applying for a
ConnectPay account

You will find the List of Prohibited Jurisdictions and Class of Trade here

New ConnectPay customers can open a business account by completing the online application here. Simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Existing ConnectPay customers can open an additional account by submitting request via Online Banking. Log into your account here.

Segregated accounts can be opened for business customers if they have an obligation to segregate their clients’ funds according to the legal acts and the segregation can be done by using account opened by electronic money institution.

You can find the detailed guidelines for Onboarding / KYC Process and required documents here.

It usually takes 2 business days for your application to be reviewed. The whole onboarding process usually takes up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the structure, jurisdictions involved and business activity. Please note that close co-operation is required for smooth and effective onboarding.

ConnectPay evaluates each client applying for an IBAN account for business based on the following criteria:
• ID issue country for directors, UBOs, shareholders
• country of incorporation of the company
• country of incorporation of the companies forming the ownership structure (if any)
• country of location of headquarters
• nature/risk of business activity.

After the evaluation of the above-mentioned criteria, the client is assigned one of the four business categories. Only the pricing listed for that particular category will apply.

ConnectPay offers remote identity verification methods. We request to verify identities of Authorized Representatives and all Users of the accounts remotely. In some cases, we may also request to remotely verify identities of Directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

Submitted corporate documents are verified remotely in jurisdictions where public access to the company registers are available. In case public access to the corporate register is not available in the jurisdiction, all Corporate documents from these jurisdictions must be originally certified by Apostille and uploaded in your Online Business Application form or sent directly to

More information on remode ID verification process and general requirements for corporate documents can be found here.

Note: ConnectPay may use a third-party provider/tool to verify your identity. The third-party operates under the same regulations of data confidentiality and security as ConnectPay. 

There is an application processing fee that covers all costs incurred for opening your account with ConnectPay. This fee is determined by the pricing category you have been assigned to. You can review the application processing fees in the ‍IBAN account for business price list.


The card can be ordered through our website, simply by clicking here and filling in the Card Ordering Form. Currently the card is offered to the existing ConnectPay clients only. Only the MAR of the company is eligible to initiate a card order.

You can find all the fees related to the Hercus card on our HERCUS Prepaid MasterCard Price list.

ConnectPay uses express shipping services for card delivery. It takes up to 7 business days for the order to reach the recipient.

To activate your Prepaid card, please call to one of our Customer Support specialists at +370 666 44600  I  +356 279 22875 (Customer Support is available 24/7). When calling, please make sure you have your activation code with you that has been sent to mailbox.

When you activate your card, your PIN code will be sent to the mobile phone number that was provided in the card ordering form.

If you forgot your PIN code, please contact our Customer Support team directly by phone +370 666 44600  I  +356 279 22875 (Customer Support is available 24/7). Your PIN code will be sent to you by SMS.

You have to login to your ‘Crunchaccount”. Your card balance will be visible on the first page of your dashboard.

You can make make a purchase wherever MasterCard is accepted. This card is also contactless so you can use it for small purchases up to 25 euros without using your PIN code. You can also withdraw cash from any ATM that accepts MasterCard.

You can load your card from your ConnectPay IBAN account for business to your ConnectPay card account by transfer. You can find all information in our Card Payment Guidelines.

You can block your card by logging in to your ‘crunchaccount’. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Support team at +370 666 44600  I  +356 279 22875 (available 24/7). If you need to block your card after business hours and you can’t login to your account online, please call us at (00) 370 626 68977 (only for urgent requests after business hours).

Closing your ConnectPay account

If you decide to close your ConnectPay account, you need to inform our Customer Support team by sending an email to or through the Online Banking message.
If you have a debt in your account, you need to make sure you cover it before we can close your account. If there are any funds left in your account, you need to transfer it to your chosen bank account before we close your ConnectPay account. Alternatively, we can make the transfer for you. In this case, you will have to cover administrative/transfer costs.

There is an account closing fee that depends on your pricing category. You can find this fee in the IBAN account for business price list and in the ‍Personal IBAN account price list.

Once there are no pending operations in your ConnectPay account, it takes up to 3 business days to close it. We will inform you by email when all the procedures have been completed and your account is no longer valid.

Company license and regulation

Unlike traditional banks, ConnectPay does not invest your money. Therefore, your money is always instantly available. Regulation set by the Central Bank of Lithuania (government institution directly regulated by the European Central Bank) requires all funds deposited in ConnectPay accounts to be stored within segregated accounts in credit institutions and always to be kept readily available for client withdrawal.

As a result, your money is always safe with us.

Yes. ConnectPay is an Electronic Money Institution, company code 304696889, authorized and regulated by the Lithuanian supervisory authority – Central Bank of Lithuania. Central Bank of Lithuania is the part of the Eurosystem and cooperates with the European Central Bank and other Euro Area Central Banks.
Our activities include the issuing of electronic money, the redemption of electronic money, issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments, execution of payment transactions. Our license and all activities covered by this license can be checked here. All our business activities are regulated by the applicable laws related to the electronic money, including, but not limited to the legal acts related to the financial institutions and financial services.

Online account management

Yes, you can. Please contact us via online banking if you would like to change your registered e-mail or phone number. You can do that by logging in to your account and clicking on the message icon ✉ in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can call us at +370 666 44600  I  +356 279 22875 (Customer Support is available 24/7) or email us at

You can add additional account users by logging in to your online banking account and navigating to user settings. Click on the User settings -> USERS -> Invite additional user. After reading the disclaimer and entering user’s email address, click INVITE. You will be asked to sign the action with OTP (one – time password) or through ConnectPay App.

You can exchange currency by logging in to your account and clicking on the PAYMENTS->Payments->Currency exchange option.

You will be able to see the currency exchange rates while you perform a currency exchange.

Currently the following currencies are supported:

The Master Authorized Representative is able to set Individual Daily, Monthly, and Max. Amount per Transaction user limits.


User Limits Management feature can be found via Settings > User > User Details > Limits.

*Please note: feature is only available for Master Authorized Representatives.

In order to receive funds to your ConnectPay account, you have to use your IBAN account number, SWIFT code, name and surname or company name.
Beneficiary name: < Insert name and surname or company name that holds the ConnectPay account >
Beneficiary account: < Insert your ConnectPay IBAN account number >
Financial institution name: UAB ConnectPay
Financial institution SWIFT/BIC code: CNUALT21XXX
Financial institution address: Algirdo str. 38, 03218, Vilnius, Lithuania

Yes, you can receive SEPA and SWIFT payments to your ConnectPay account. SEPA participant countries can be found here. SEPA is the fastest and cheapest way to send and receive funds, most SEPA transactions clear the same day. The fees for receiving SEPA transfers are provided in the IBAN account for business price list and the ‍Personal IBAN account price list. More information about sending and receiving funds is provided in our Payment Guidelines.
SWIFT payments are available under certain conditions. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, SEPA and SWIFT transfers are available.
SEPA (Single European Payment Area) transfers are executed only in the EU and EEA countries, in EUR currency.
SWIFT transfers are executed in other currencies and/or in Euro currency to banks in countries outside the EEA or SEPA.
Services are restricted and are not available to the following categories listed in our Prohibited Class of Trade.
More information about sending and receiving funds is provided in our Payment Guidelines.
In order to send funds from your ConnectPay account, you must login to your online banking account, click on the Payments option in the main menu and select Payments from the dropdown menu.

Please send us an email or call us at +370 666 44600  I  +356 279 22875 (Customer Support is available 24/7) and we will help you recover your details after confirming your identity.

Private data protection and
website use

As specified in our Privacy Policy, customers’ personal data may be transferred to:
1. payment service users (payees and payers);
2. financial institutions (subject to Customer’s consent and in the scope of the personal data of the solely specified by Customer);
3. The Bank of the Republic of Lithuania and the SEPA participant (personal data for these beneficiaries is due to the use of the Single Euro Payments Area – SEPA).

Customers’ personal data may be transmitted to the third parties not specified above for the specified and legitimate purposes only, and only to third parties who have the right established by laws and other legal acts to receive personal data in the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

ConnectPay is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, effective of 25 May 2018, with the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, with all of the other Laws and/or legal acts, as well as all of the European Union acts that are applicable in accordance with the personal data protection regulations applicable for the specific country in which the services are provided.

We do not use the private information you disclose to us by email contact form, phone communication, account application or any other channel that enables the collection of personal data to market our product unless you have expressed your consent.

All subsequent communication initiated by ConnectPay is mandatory to complete your request, in view of:
1. Provision of services of issuance, distribution and redemption of electronic money and provision of payment services;
2. Conclusion and execution of the agreements;
3. Customers’ identifications;
4. Implementation of the obligations under the Law on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention.

All the information regarding the use and protection of your personal data is fully disclosed in the Privacy Policy.

When you visit our website, you are required to accept or deny the use of cookies. We do not collect cookies unless we have your expressed consent to do so.

If at a certain point you have expressed your consent regarding the use of cookies and now you wish to delete the cookies collected, please find instructions on how to proceed according to your browser here. During your following visit to our website, make sure you click the Deny option in the Cookies Consent pop-up.

This website uses Google Analytics cookies which record information that describe how many pages you visited on this website, the traffic source that brought you on our website, how much time you spent on the page. The information collected is used to measure, monitor and improve our website performance. No sensitive personal information is collected through Google Analytics. You can find out more about Google Analytics here. However, if you still want to opt out of Google Analytics cookies, you can find more information here.

All the information regarding the use of cookies on this website is fully disclosed in the Privacy Policy.

Accept Payments

ConnectPay does not send any emails or texts to customers asking for access to the customer’s bank account or online bank credentials. Never enter your ID, PIN codes, passwords, etc. if you are not logging in or performing any purposeful actions with your online bank. If you have any concerns regarding this, please email us at

How you link our Accept Payments service to your website depends on how it is built. We have tools for self-built webshops and service portals or most popular iGaming and e-commerce platforms.

For self-built webshops and service portals, please check “How to start with integration development?” in our developers portal.

For e-commerce and iGaming platforms, please follow the instructions of the platform provider.

ConnectPay does not offer static IP addresses for inbound requests. Always send requests to DNS aliases and

Although you can embed our widget in your webpage as an iFrame object, we strongly advise Merchants not to do so. During the payment journey, the customer will be redirected to their bank, and most banks do not allow redirects inside an iFrame.

To be on the safe side, open the widget in the same window or in a new window.

To start accepting payments from your customers, you should integrate Initiate Payment API.

At ConnectPay, we believe that the security of our systems, our network and our products is very important. We pay close attention to this during development and maintenance. However, sometimes vulnerabilities escape detection. We kindly request you to report suspected vulnerabilities to

You can download official ConnectPay badges, payment method icons and logos from our developer portal. You can use these on your homepage or for other marketing materials.

All questions on integration should be sent to

It depends very much on the Merchant’s systems complexity and the resources allocated for the integration project. In our experience, one month is enough time to allocate for integration development and testing.

Every transaction is followed by the payment status notice provided by the Payer’s bank. Each payment is processed according to the Payer’s bank terms and conditions. Every completed transaction appears in your account held with ConnectPay and can be monitored via ConnectPay online banking.

If the bank stops a payment for AML verification or fails to send the payment on time for EBA clearing, the funds may not appear on the merchant account. The customer should inquire for transaction information directly with their bank requesting payment confirmation or other instructions regarding payment execution.

You will be paid on the same business day if the Payer’s bank sends the payment before the last EBA clearing cycle. If payment is submitted after the last daily clearing, then funds will be settled on the next business day.

SEPA credit transfers are processed according to settlement and processing cycles defined by EBA Clearing. Five daytime cycles are set out during the business day, where incoming payments are cleared at 9:00, 11:00, 13:25, 16:00 and 17:35 EET/EEST. We do not settle SEPA credit transfers on SEPA banking holidays. All funds from Payers will be sent directly to the Merchant’s account held with ConnectPay.

All funds from Payers will be sent directly to the Merchant’s account held with ConnectPay. All payments will be settled individually.

Yes, you can automate the refund or payment process by integrating our Business API with your back-office or customer-facing applications.

Yes, it is possible to upload bulk SEPA payment files via ConnectPay online banking.

To refund a payment, you can use ConnectPay’s online banking system to make a single SEPA credit transfer or initiate multiple refunds by uploading a bulk file with all needed SEPA credit transfers.

If the Accept Payments service is disabled for the Merchant’s website, an email with the reasons behind such action will follow.

Possible reasons are:
• Your website is/was offline for a reasonable period of time.
• You are offering a product or service that is not covered by our policy.
• We started to receive a significant number of claims from your customers.

We advise you to first read the email and resolve the issues. After the reported issues are cleared, please send a request to reset the service, and we will conduct a review to see if your website is ready for service renewal.

ConnectPay doesn’t set any specific limits for transactions made via our Accept Payments service, but your bank may have its own policies regarding SEPA credit transfers. We suggest you check on those.

ConnectPay sets two different types of fees for Accept Payments service users: fixed transaction fees and variable transaction fees. ConnectPay evaluates each merchant applying for a service based on the following criteria:
• Average monthly or yearly transaction volume, as well as business forecast for the next 12 months;
• Average purchase value in EUR;
• Industry type;
• Client category.

To get a quote, please submit an application here.

Please check IBAN Account for Business price list to get to know our policy regarding client categories.

To set up the Accept Payments service with ConnectPay, you’ll be asked to provide the following details:
• Legal name and trade/brand name
• Merchant URL
• List of countries in which your business operates
• List of live merchant support contacts (name, surname, position, email, phone, etc.)
• List of business, incident management, and integration-related IT contacts (name, surname, position, email, phone, etc.)
• Description of products/services sold

When you offer products or services on your website, your company falls under the Distance Selling Act. This act states that merchants are required to put the following information on their websites:
• Your trade name
• The VAT number
• The address of residence
• A phone number or other live contact method
• An email address or contact form

In addition, we ask you to provide or ensure the following on your website:
• Specification of the products and services offered
• Prices and currencies of the products and services
• The purchase cancellation and return policy. The buyer must be required to accept the cancellation and return policy before making a purchase.
• Fair and easily accessible Terms and Conditions
• Shipping policy with the delivery terms and prices. The merchant must be able to provide customers with shipment status on demand.
• Privacy and Data Protection policies in compliance with prevailing legislation.
If your website is incomplete, we will contact you to assist in the process. The Accept Payments service will not be enabled until the website is complete.

We process only EURO payments.

We don’t accept partnerships with merchants operating with products or services that may trigger intolerable risk for ConnectPay. You will find the list of Prohibited Jurisdictions and Classes of Trade here.

Our Accept Payments service is available in NL, FI, DE markets at the moment, but please stay tuned as the network is expanding constantly.

To enable Accept Payments service, the Merchant will have to sign Online Payment Acceptance Agreement. This agreement consists of two parts: Special Terms and General Terms. Special Terms are prepared for the customer individually. The General Terms of the Online Payment Acceptance Agreement are available here.

In order to enable ConnectPay Accept Payments service, the merchant has to open an account with ConnectPay while clients using the services of the merchant don’t need to have ConnectPay accounts.

ConnectPay is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI license No. 24) authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. Payment initiation and account information services are within the scope of extended EMI license.

ConnectPay offers SEPA credit transfers, as stipulated in the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366).

Whenever a transaction is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email from ConnectPay.

For questions or complaints regarding your order, please contact the merchant your order was placed with.

Please try to settle any disputes you may have about an order with the merchant directly. If you have not received your product or service, it may simply be a mistake, rather than fraud.

We check every merchant that signs up with us according to strict laws, regulations and our own policy.

If you still believe you are a victim of fraud, please contact your bank and report an incident.

To cancel or return an order, please contact the merchant your order was placed with. ConnectPay processes payments on behalf of merchants and is therefore not able to cancel or return an order for you.

Please report your issue to Make sure to include the payment reference that consists of the letters ‘CP’ and a series of symbols (f.e.: “CP-ISFqYvqZTCOyxwEi0oppew”). It was sent to you via email with the payment receipt.

Only the merchant your order was placed with can initiate a refund. ConnectPay only processes your payment and has no right over the funds, and therefore is not able to initiate a refund.

Questions related to a specific transaction should be directed to the merchant that is marked as a receiver of funds in your online Banking. If you don’t recognize the payment and you can’t get any response from the merchant, you can report the issue to Please clearly describe the situation in your message including the payment reference that consists of the letters ‘CP’ and a series of symbols (f.e.: “CP-ISFqYvqZTCOyxwEi0oppew”).

Payment Approval / "4 eyes" principle

Payment Approval or so called “4 eyes” principle is a feature that ensures effective control and monitoring of your company funds & transactions. Once enabled, outgoing standard and bulk payments must acquire 2 signatures to be executed, except currency exchange and payments between own IBANs. The Master Authorized Representative assigns members of the team into hierarchical groups: “Initiators” (1st signatories) and “Approvers” (2nd signatories). “Approvers” are granted special rights to execute payments on their own without any additional approval.

Only Master Authorized Representatives (MAR) can enable or disable Payment Approval.
1. Log in to Online Banking here.
2. Navigate to Settings > Payment Settings
3. Click on the switch to move it to the desired position: “On” or “Off”

1.  Navigate to Settings > Payment Settings > Payment Approval
2. Click on the person‘s role and select the desired role from the dropdown menu

Standard payments

1. Navigate to Payments > Pending Approval
2. Select payments
3. Click on the Approve or Reject button to take a decision
Payments can be approved or rejected individually from the payment details screen.

Bulk payments

1. Navigate to Bulk Payments
2. Click on the “Confirm & Send” button to sign the bulk payment and start the bulk payment execution

During the usual 2 signature payment flow, only the personal limits of the “Initiator” will be accounted for. The company limit will be accounted as per usual, however, during the approval of the payment, we will always verify if by approving payments you stay within the overall company limits of that day or month.

Payments started by “Initiators” will be placed in the “Pending Approval” tab in the Payments menu. “Approvers” must grant their approval to execute these payments. Payments can be approved one by one or in bulk. If rejected, such payments will be deleted.

If Payment Approval is turned off, the system will revert to the default payment method with all users having equal payment execution rights. If there are any pending approval payments in progress, we’ll place them in the “Saved for Later” Payments tab.