Applying for a ConnectPay account

List of Prohibited Jurisdictions and Class Of Trade
How can I open an account?
How can I open an additional account?
What are the key conditions for segregated account opening?
Where can I find more information about the Onboarding / KYC Process and required documents?
How long will it take to open an account after I apply?
How is the pricing category assigned to me?
How will you verify my identity?
Is there an application fee?


How do I apply for a VISA Business card?
What are the fees for VISA Business card?
How long does it take for a card to reach me?
How to activate my card and get my PIN code?
How can I check my balance?
Where and how can I use my card?
How can I load my VISA Business card?
What should I do if my Card got lost or stolen?
What is 3D Secure?
Will my card payment get declined if if the merchant does not support 3DS?
Which card payments are affected by the 3DS?

Closing account

How can I close my ConnectPay account?
Are there any fees incurred to close my ConnectPay account?
How long does it take to close my ConnectPay account?

Company license and regulation

How safe is my money with ConnectPay?
Is ConnectPay a licensed institution?

Online account management

Can I change my e-mail / phone number?
How can I grant permissions for another person to manage the account?
How can I exchange currency?
What currencies are supported for sending and receiving funds?
How can I change transaction limits in my ConnectPay account?
What details should I use to receive funds to my ConnectPay account?
Can I receive funds to my ConnectPay account?
Can I send funds from my ConnectPay account?
What should I do if I forget my Login or Password?

Private data protection and website use

Does ConnectPay disclose my personal information to any partners?
How safe is to disclose my personal information through email and website?
Does ConnectPay website collect information about me through cookies?

Accept Payments

I have received an email or SMS from ConnectPay with the request to connect to my bank account. Is it legit?
How do I link the Accept payments service to my to my website?
Which IP addresses does ConnectPay use? From which IP range can I expect requests?
Can I use the payment screen in an iFrame?
How to start with Accept Payment service integration?
I have found a suspected vulnerability in the ConnectPay widget or system. What should I do?
Who should I contact with integration-related questions?
How long does the Accept Payments service integration take?
How do I know whether a customer has paid?
My customer says they've paid, but funds are not settled in my merchant account at ConnectPay. How is this possible?
How often do I get paid?
When will I be paid?
How will I be paid?
Can I make a refund or payout using API?
Can I refund multiple transactions at once?
How do I refund a payment to one of my customers?
Why has the Accept Payments service been disabled for my website?
What are the minimum and maximum amounts per payment?
What kind of fees are applicable for the Accept Payments service?
What do I need to provide to ConnectPay when signing up for the Accept Payments service?
Which information should be provided on the merchants website?
Which currencies are acceptable for the Accept Payments service?
Which products and services to be sold are not accepted by ConnectPay?
Can I use the Accept Payments service in my country?
Do I need to sign an additional contract for the Accept Payments service?
Do I need to have an account in ConnectPay to start using the Accept Payments service?
Does ConnectPay have a licence for Accept payments service?
What kind of payment options are offered?
How will I know if my payment to the merchant has been processed?
I have a question or complaint about my order
Am I a victim of fraud?
How can I cancel or return my order?
I can’t reach the merchant to resolve my payment issue
How can I get a refund?
Why have the funds been debited from my account for a transaction I have not made?

Payment Approval / "4 eyes" principle

What is payment approval?
How to turn on/off the Payment Approval?
How to assign hierarchical groups for Payment Approval feature?
How an Approver can approve or reject a payment?
How are the limits applied when using the Payment Approval feature?
How to use the Payment Approval feature?
What happens if Payment Approval is turned off?