While using Online Banking

  • Always pay attention to the spelling of ConnectPay’s online banking website address. The correct online address is always ““. During phishing attacks, criminals often create identically looking and behaving websites with an unnoticeably altered address. It could be “” with one ‘n’, or “” with a dash – beware.
  • Never save your online banking login credentials with your web browser. If you have saved them previously – review your browser’s user manual for instructions on how to remove saved login credentials. Sometimes criminals manage to steal login credentials saved in the web browser.
  • If possible, avoid using public or shared WIFI if you’re about to use CP’s online banking. Such connections could be compromised by cyber-criminals, allowing them to intercept the connection and steal your login credentials or other sensitive data.
  • Ensure that your online banking session is secure and encrypted. The address starts with the “HTTPS” keyword, and if you click or tap on the lock icon – you will see information that the connection is secure. If security attributes are missing – you should leave the website immediately.

Use our App for Strong Customer Authentication

  • Strong Customer Authentication is used to secure your login and transaction confirmation process. It appears as an OTP (One-Time Password) via a channel chosen by you – with the ConnectPay App or SMS. We strongly recommend using CP mobile application for Strong Customer Authentication over the One Time Password received via SMS.
  • Always use the most recent CP mobile application version.
  • Stay cautious and never approve any online banking actions within CP mobile application or One Time Password received via SMS if you have not initiated anything. Report such incidents immediately.

DOs and DON’Ts or how to make sure it’s us

What ConnectPay’s employees would NEVER do:

dontWe will never contact you anonymously through unofficial communication channels like social media.

dontWe will never ask you to disclose sensitive data via phone or email like:

  • Password
  • Card PIN code or expiration date

dontWe will never call you and claim that your payment is in danger and ask you to move money somewhere else.

dontWe will never provide you with guidance to initiate payments to account numbers unknown to you, communicated to you via email, SMS or phone.

dontWe will never send you a link to a website asking to provide sensitive information.

dontWe will never send you any instructions or requests via SMS, except for the One Time Password.

dontWe will never pressure you into making an urgent payment or providing any sensitive details immediately.

dontWe will never provide you with any historical information of your banking operations to prove ConnectPay’s authenticity.

What ConnectPay’s employees would do:

doWe will always contact you only via officially approved and trusted channels:

  • Message via ConnectPay Online Banking Platform.
  • Email from an address that ends with
  • Phone call from +370 666 44600 or +356 279 22875 phone numbers.
  • Phone call from phone number ConnectPay shared with you previously.

doWe will always inform you about the change of official communication channels via the ConnectPay Online Banking Platform.

doWe will always verify your identity (ask security questions) when the call is related to your account or payments matters.

doWe will always use only written communication to communicate any payments or account-related matters.

doWe will always provide you with a reasonable timeframe to proceed with ConnectPay’s requests.

Encountered something suspicious?

If you have any doubts or suspicions about the authenticity of any correspondence you receive claiming to be from or linked to ConnectPay or its representatives, please contact us immediately by any of the following contacts:

By email
[email protected]

By phone
+370 666 44600
+356 279 22875