Seamless banking
at your fingertips
with our app

Check your balance, make payments and manage your cards directly from your smartphone

Seamless banking at your fingertips with our app

Banking in your pocket wherever you go

With the ConnectPay app, you can easily meet all your daily banking needs – from checking your account balance to sending payments on the fly, and much more.

Stay on top of your finances with a real-time payments list

With a convenient interface, get the full picture by tracking all incoming and outgoing payments in real-time.


Send payments effortlessly

A colleague paid for your lunch? Get even immediately. With just a few taps, send money from any of your accounts.


Manage your business and private cards

Seamlessly access and manage all your ConnectPay VISA Debit cards via the app. Check the card’s PIN, status, and validity, or freeze the card, if you need to.

Get secure authentication

The ConnectPay app ensures secure and hassle-free authentication for logging in to your Online Banking system: receive an authentication code and easily approve it via the app.

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