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Your money goes places

Your money goes places so your
accountant doesn’t have to.

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Send instant euro zone transfers

Send & receive payments in EUR the fastest and cheapest way possible with direct SEPA transfers. Avoid needless layers of complexity. SEPA Instant available starting Q2 2021.


Send cross-border transfers

Send & receive funds all over the world using cross-border transfers. We work with trusted partners and use a unique algorithm to channel your payments using the fastest route possible.

Download ConnectPay app now

Download ConnectPay app now!

Strong customer authentication for payment or any online banking activity.
Strong customer authentication for payment or any online banking activity.

Buy, sell and hold key currencies.

Hold funds in multiple currencies – exchange, send and receive money without intermediaries cutting your margins.

Digital businesses go beyond borders

Save time. Send payments in bulk.

Our batch payments feature makes complex group payments effortless. Pay multiple recipients using batched file uploads and benefit from reduced fees.

Save time. Send payments in bulk

All controls sit on your phone, laptop or desktop.

Online banking allows you to make payments, move money between accounts and check balance from the device of your choice.

Manage all money matters online

Multi-currency accounts


Get a fully functional dedicated IBAN and hold multiple currencies.

EU-grade security


Protect your money under the European Central Bank’s regulatory framework.

Mobile authentication app

Mobile authentication

Access online banking and confirm payments with one-time passwords generated on your phone.

All banking services,
one account.

Business & Segregated Accounts

Business & Segregated Accounts

Open a fully functional dedicated IBAN ideal for cross-border payments in 10+ key currencies.

  • Generate one-time passwords on our app to access online banking and securely confirm transactions
  • Plug your system into ours in no time with a custom API
  • Hold client funds in a segregated account
  • Reach our support 24/7
Transfer & Receive Funds

Transfer & Receive Funds

Send and receive money internationally, issue payouts and cut transfer costs.

  • Send and accept cross-border transfers in 10+ key currencies
  • Send instant transfers in EUR with direct SEPA
  • Cut costs and save time with bulk transfers
  • Buy, sell and transfer foreign currencies
Business Cards

Business Cards

Receive, spend and withdraw money in 180+ countries.

  • Top up your card using ConnectPay’s online banking and spend from the available balance
  • Make seamless contactless payments or withdraw your money at 20M+ ATMs worldwide
  • Get a limitless amount of prepaid cards for one IBAN account
  • Access, manage and instantly freeze your card online
Accept payments

Accept payments

Sell to customers online, issue refunds & prevent fraudulent transactions.

  • Execute credit transfers for goods and services in clicks via a user-friendly interface
  • Accept credit & debit card payments from Visa & Mastercard
  • Set up recurring payments and accept subscriptions
  • Create a merchant account & get started in no time

Wonder what easy banking feels like?

Start sending & receiving
international transfers.

We make banking easy for you and your business. Open a multi-currency
account and start receiving or sending money worldwide.