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Virtual cards - a part of embedded finance

Step into the realm of embedded finance with virtual cards, an integral component of financial solutions

Virtual cards - a part of embedded finance

Virtual VISA cards for your business

Get virtual VISA cards that match your needs: from regular and personal cards to exclusively designed cards that mirror your brand. Let us know what you want and we’ll create it. 

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Make it easy to pay by card anywhere in the world

icon Get virtual cards to your clients without limits
icon All cards can be managed via the Online Banking account or the app
icon Get as many cards for your business needs – any number of cards can be tied to a single IBAN account

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4 reasons why virtual VISA debit cards are best

Experience the unmatched superiority of virtual VISA debit cards, granting you the freedom to make purchases globally without constraints


Accepted everywhere

The virtual VISA card is ready to be used virtually anywhere. Pay or purchase across the globe, with no limitations.



Enhanced security

Having a digital business card on your phone means you don’t need to carry a physical card. So, there’s no risk of it getting pickpocketed or lost.



Payment insights

All card payment and transaction information is conveniently accessible via the app.




Virtual cards offer the same protection as physical cards. Meaning virtual card holders are covered against theft and accidental damage on your purchases.


Get virtual VISA debit cards

Get virtual VISA debit cards

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