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ConnectPay joins forces with TransferMate for a global partnership

When two customer-focused companies join forces, only great things can happen – we are happy to announce the global partnership between us, ConnectPay, and TransferMate, the world’s foremost non-bank licensing payments infrastructure. Together, we will enable online businesses to scale and expand globally with seamless international transactions.

By embedding TransferMate’s global payments network within our platform, we increase the number of currencies our end-users can use for cross-border payments from 16 to 80+.

We enable online businesses to scale with embedded financial solutions and built-in compliance. Our wide range of modules includes SEPA and SWIFT payments, multi-currency IBAN accounts, wallets, Banking-as-a-Service, white-label debit cards, and merchant services.

TransferMate, a subsidiary of CluneTech, has built the world’s most comprehensive and advanced payments network, allowing businesses and individuals to make cross-border payments as easily as if making a domestic funds transfer. Supporting trade in more than 200+ countries and across 140+ currencies, TransferMate works faster and more securely than traditional banking methods and with complete transparency of the transaction through to the point of final reconciliation.

We are witnessing an increase of interest in our embedded finance services across many industries, but believe global marketplaces and platforms stand to benefit the most from this partnership. Delivered through API integrations, they will be able to immediately strengthen their capabilities and reach in the area, and provide a smooth and secure payment experience, regardless of the type of transaction they are engaged in.

ConnectPayTransferMate partnership

Reda Lukoševičiūtė, Head of Partnerships of ConnectPay, said:

“With this partnership, we can significantly expand our embedded finance offering to online platforms and marketplaces, enabling them to serve a wider range of customers and provide more international payment options. From now on, we can build new products and offer services leveraging TransferMate’s global network with 92 licenses worldwide. End-users will be able to make B2B, B2C and C2B cross-border payments in 80+ currencies instead of 16 as previously, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.”

Cian Fitzpatrick, Head of EMEA of TransferMate, added:

“This partnership is all about delivering a better international payment experience for businesses around the world. We’ve built our network so partners can leverage it for their own customers’ benefit. ConnectPay can continue to build innovative products and services for their customers while leveraging our capabilities to broaden the scope of product and service innovation. We want to remove barriers to international trade, and this partnership is a positive step towards achieving that goal.”

With this step forward, we continue to work on solutions and partnerships that bring extended value to our customers and are proud to have such a reliable partner like TransferMate along the way.