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Giving back to the community: ConnectPay and Vilnius University

Knowledge sharing is a powerful catalyst for growth, and when seasoned professionals merge their experience with the enthusiasm of eager students, the results are nothing short of extraordinary. On December 14th, the FinTech master’s students at Vilnius University Kaunas faculty were granted a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the industry through a compelling lecture facilitated by two esteemed colleagues – Kristina Drigotaite, CAMS, Head of Risk/DPO, and Emilis Armonas, Head of Product.

In an engaging session, Kristina Drigotaite and Emilis Armonas not only shared their wealth of experience but also offered profound insights into the dynamic landscape of fintech. The lecture delved into current industry developments, shedding light on the evolving trends shaping the financial technology sector. The practical application of knowledge made the experience even more enriching, with real-world examples illustrating effective risk management within a fintech company.

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„The students really liked how the company representatives showed them what happens behind the scenes in their everyday work and explained why their jobs matter. They also learned about what fintech companies do, the problems they tackle, and how they find solutions. The students especially enjoyed hearing about real experiences through practical examples, “ – said Saulius Masteika, Vice Dean for Infrastructure at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty.

A thank you extends to Vilnius University Kaunas faculty for orchestrating this experience. By facilitating such interactions, universities play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that students are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical insights crucial for their future endeavors.

Beyond the immediate impact on these students, a broader ripple effect resonates with the ethos of giving back to the community. By sharing their expertise, Kristina Drigotaite and Emilis Armonas are contributing to the cultivation of a robust fintech ecosystem in Lithuania. The knowledge imparted in that lecture hall becomes a building block for the industry’s future, influencing the skills, mindset, and approach of the next generation of fintech professionals.

This act of giving back is not just an investment in individuals but a strategic contribution to the growth and innovation of the entire fintech sector in Lithuania. As these students graduate and enter the workforce, they carry the lessons learned from industry leaders, thus creating a cycle of continuous improvement and knowledge dissemination.

In conclusion, the collaboration between experienced professionals, educational institutions, and eager students is a testament to the collaborative spirit that propels industries forward. Through knowledge sharing, we strengthen the present and lay a solid foundation for the future.