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Introducing a brand new ConnectPay website, Online Banking platform and logo

During the last year, ConnectPay’s brand awareness has been increasing rapidly. Expanding our range of services, growing the team more than double, and maintaining stronger relationships with our clients, we found it a perfect timing to upgrade the company’s brand identity and offer an even better user experience.

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After working closely with our clients and listening to their expectations and preferences, we have launched a brand-new website and a much more user-friendly Online Banking platform. On top of that, we have also facelifted our logo. Proud as we are of our name and the meaning of staying CONNECTED, we’ve added a lighter & fresher look to the logo itself.

After putting a lot of effort, ConnectPay found new ways to meet clients’ needs and offer a better, more intuitive user experience. Visit our upgraded Online Banking interface (if you are onboard with us) to find out what has changed.

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