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Webinar: How to Launch a Neobank in 2023?

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We and Velmie had a joint webinar on “How to Launch a Neobank in 2023?”.

During the webinar, we dive into the main mission of the Velmie and ConnectPay partnership and how we can help you launch a neobank in 2023.

We highlight the key pain points associated with launching a neobank, including regulations, finding a reliable tech provider, and the cost and speed of the launch. Furthermore, we discuss how to choose a future-proof software solution and how to optimize the speed and cost of the project.

Also touch upon embedded finance and how to navigate through the regulatory environment and compliance to empower your online business to scale and create the best experience for your clients.

Finally, we wrap up the webinar with a Q&A session, where attendees ask questions and receive expert advice on how to launch a successful neobank in 2023.

The expert panel includes:

Simas Simanauskas (Chief Business Officer, ConnectPay)

Carl-Johan Larsson (Senior Partnerships Manager, Velmie)

Julia Prus (Growth Manager, Velmie)

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts in neobanking. 

You can watch the recording here.

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