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We are excited to unveil the European Fintech Index (EFI), the most comprehensive industry ranking yet.

With the EFI, you can explore, compare, evaluate, and analyze the largest collection of open data on the Fintech industry, offering detailed insights into market dynamics and the fintech ecosystem potential across 32 European countries.

The goal of the EFI is to further fuel Fintech industry growth by addressing inconsistencies in industry definitions and data availability.

“We hope it can become a helpful tool for decision-makers, helping them navigate the European fintech landscape with confidence and make informed decisions that could shape the industry going forward, be that decisions to establish, expand, merge or acquire,” says our CEO Marius Galdikas.

Now, we invite all and each of you to explore, compare, evaluate and further analyze the data that interests you the most to uncover strategic insights of the current European Fintech landscape. The link to the Index is in the comments section.

Explore the full index here: https://www.europeanfintechindex.com/