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Digital Wallets: Embracing Technologies and Necessities

The adoption of digital wallets has revolutionized the way …

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Exploring SWIFT payments for global money transfers | Part 2

Have you read the first part of the blog …

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Exploring SWIFT payments for global money transfers | Part 1

Navigating the intricacies of global money transfers can be …

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Platforms and Marketplaces
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How will the EU digital ID affect large e-commerce players and marketplaces?

As per the eIDAS 2 Regulation, all EU member …

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How can neobanks benefit from embedded finance

Neobanks, sometimes referred to as “challenger banks”, emerged on …

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ConnectPay Brings Apple Pay to Customers

We’re happy to share that today we’re bringing Apple …

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Unlocking Opportunities: How White Label Debit Cards Benefit Businesses

Many businesses think that white label cards are just …

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Currency Exchange for E-commerce Businesses: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

Remember the last time you wanted to order something …

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