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Unified payment collections and payouts

  • Collect payments, settle them into segregated bank accounts and disburse winnings for your players instantly via API.
  • Instant Payouts directly to the players bank account - increase customer satisfaction and engagement by allowing your players to cash out on the fly.
  • Instant Deposits directly from a players bank account - top up the players account instantly and let the games begin.

Player verification

Verify your players, satisfy your KYC requirements, remove administrative hassle and allow your players to start playing instantly. KYC processing options:

  • Execute a full bank level KYC check on a Player at the time of payment. Verify the identity and obtain a copy of the Players document
  • Capture personal details of the payee from the bank
Player verification


Use Open Banking to obtain insights on your players:

  • Access banking KYC information
  • Enrich your fraud and AML risks controls by tapping into the income and balance of the Players bank accounts
  • Provide sustainable gaming and ensure the player can afford to play

Platforms & Marketplaces

  • Accept payments from bank accounts & cards
  • Initiate flexible, instant, multicurrency payouts to your merchants via our API
  • KYC your merchants and be compliant with PDS2
  • Manage your balances and reconcile automatically via our API. As your funds are settled to ConnectPay accounts, your platform is outside of the money flow and thus is PSD2 compliant
  • Split payments into platform commission fees and merchant fees according to your needs